These Terms and Conditions of Use of the Web Platform (hereinafter "Terms and Conditions") regulate the conditions of access and use of comunidad.SOCIALAB.com (hereinafter "the Platform"), owned by SOCIALAB SpA, a company identified by RUT. No 76.545.557-K, represented by its General Manager Andrés Iriondo Socías, with National Identity Card of the Republic of Chile No 15.641.543-0, both domiciled at Avenida Italia No 850, Providencia commune, Santiago de Chile (hereinafter "SOCIALAB"). The User must read, understand and comprehend all the conditions established in the Terms and Conditions before registering on the Platform, understanding that once these Terms and Conditions are accepted, they are aware of them. The Terms and Conditions may be modified at any time by SOCIALAB and said changes will take effect immediately after their publication on the Platform. These modifications will be notified to the Users to the email that they have registered in the Platform and will never be applied retroactively, for which their publication date will always appear. Once the modifications to the Terms and Conditions have been notified, the use and access to the Platform by the User is considered as acceptance of said modifications.


to. Username & passwords You can freely browse the Platform, however browsing through it is guaranteed by means of authorization and authentication credentials attributed to the User when he registers. Registration on the Platform requires the completion of personal information, the choice of a username and the definition of a password. The information provided must be linked to your personal identity and must be clear, complete, current, truthful and accurate, about your data, as requested, in the website form. The information provided must not be used to infringe the rights of another person, offensive names may not be chosen, or temporary emails may not be registered. Otherwise, SOCIALAB may unilaterally cancel the account.

The User is responsible for preserving the confidentiality of the alphanumeric access codes called username and password, and must assume protection and security measures that allow them to maintain the protection and secrecy of said elements from unauthorized third parties, as well as access in himself and his browsing on the Platform. Therefore, it is responsible for any damage caused by the possible use of the same by unauthorized third parties and undertakes to notify SOCIALAB in a timely manner of the theft, loss, loss or misappropriation by unauthorized third parties of the access credentials. Users must hold SOCIALAB harmless against any action, claim, procedure, expense (including legal costs and expenses), loss and damage, that SOCIALAB may have suffered or incurred by other users or third parties, as a consequence of acts consisting of the lack of compliance with these Terms and Conditions of Use, content or elements sent, published or transmitted through the platform, and any other that is the sole responsibility of the user. b. Minors The Platform and all the services related to it are offered to all Users who have the legal capacity to contract legally in accordance with the applicable legislation. However, the use and access of minors with a minimum of 13 years of age to the Platform will be accepted, who must have the authorization of their parents or whoever holds their parental authority, to strengthen its operation. Those may not apply to the calls made through the Platform, unless expressly allowed in the terms of the call. c. Terms of use The User acknowledges that these Terms and Conditions of the Platform regulate the use and access to it, including the content and services made available to Users. However, the use and access to certain content may be subject to specific conditions. d. Where to Report Problems In the event that a person other than the Owner User has used the account registered on the Platform without the latter's permission, you must notify it in a timely manner, by email to support@SOCIALAB.com. In the event of having problems related to access or use of the Platform, you must send an email indicating the problem to support@SOCIALAB.com. The inappropriate use of the aforementioned email boxes will empower SOCIALAB to terminate the corresponding User's subscription, without prejudice to any other legal action that may correspond.


A. SOCIALAB may delete User accounts at any time, when any of the Terms and Conditions contained herein are violated. B. You will have the right to make use of the contents provided by the Users on the Platform under the terms of Number XI Letter C of the Terms and Conditions.


SOCIALAB undertakes to timely resolve the technical problems derived from the operation of the call as follows: A. In the case of Critical Errors, SOCIALAB undertakes to provide a solution within a period not exceeding 8 hours from when it is notified and becomes aware of it. of the problem. These types of errors are all those that produce discontinuity or intermittence of the services, that make it impossible to upload the forms, register in the community or load the calls, in the list of calls. B. Dealing with Medium Priority Errors: SOCIALAB undertakes to provide a solution within a period of no more than 48 hours from when it is notified and becomes aware of the problem. They will be medium priority errors, all those that produce an excessive response time or in the navigation of the Platform, when this originates from its servers, which prevent ideas from being uploaded within a call and problems with Login or Registration forms.

C. Dealing with Standard Errors: SOCIALAB undertakes to provide a solution within the following 5 business days from the moment it is notified and becomes aware of the problem.


Users accept that the use of the SOCIALAB platform is done at their own risk. The Platform is provided "as is" and "as available". Consequently, SOCIALAB and its shareholders, subsidiaries, affiliates, officials, employees, agents, partners and licensors do not grant any type of guarantee about the platform, such as its operation, interaction with other users, the quality of the information contained in it. , among other. SOCIALAB will only be responsible for the damages derived from the access to its Platform such as failures, interruptions and errors in the Platform, if the User can prove gross negligence that produces serious damages against him. However, it will not be responsible when these failures have been caused by events of force majeure or events unrelated to the provision of its service, such as failures in the User's network communications. SOCIALAB performs all the actions at its disposal to keep the Platform free of viruses, however it is not responsible for damages caused by viruses from files uploaded by other users. SOCIALAB is not responsible for direct or indirect links to Internet sites owned or managed by third parties, since it does not have control over them. Illegal, incorrect or incomplete contents and especially for damages resulting from the use or not of the information offered, only the third party provider of the linked page will be held at fault. SOCIALAB is not responsible for the loss or damage to the User's account information that may occur as a result of: (i) any corruption or storage failure due to poor data transmission or an error in computer systems, ( ii) the misuse that users make of their access credentials, allowing third-party access to their respective accounts. SOCIALAB, its administrators and members are not responsible for the legal infractions committed by the Users, especially those related to intellectual and industrial property, copyright or violation of confidential information, and the Users must leave the persons indicated herein harmless for said infractions.


The User must make proper use of the Platform at all times, always respecting the Terms and Conditions and undertakes to provide clear and truthful information at all times. The User expressly assumes the responsibility derived from any action in his name that constitutes a breach of the Terms and Conditions. The User may not use the Platform to transmit, store, disseminate, promote or distribute data or content that are carriers of viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or impair the operation of any computer program or equipment or telecommunications.


A. The User may request at any time the deletion of his account from the Platform, for this he must send an email making the request to support@socialab.com. B. The User may request that their information be removed from the SOCIALAB database and from the contests or calls that are promoted through the Platform.


SOCIALAB.COM does not intervene in the different relationships that may be generated between Users or between Users and third parties in relation to the use made of the Services. SOCIALAB does not supervise the progress or conditions of the projects, nor does it endorse the content that Users send to the Platform. Therefore, when Users access the Platform and make use of the Services, SOCIALAB is exempted from all liability that gives rise to a claim for damages, since it is done at their own risk. The User is solely responsible for any damage or loss that occurs, to either party, as a result of such access.


SOCIALAB owns the Platform and has all the corresponding authorizations for the use of images, graphics, icons, characters, music, sound, texts, software, videos and other contents of the site (hereinafter "content"), as well as codes and texts in any format (hereinafter "code") used to implement this site.

Any type of modification or use of the content or code of this site for purposes other than those previously authorized, constitute a violation of copyright laws and other intellectual property rights, without being exclusive of all other laws that are applicable to it. . Users and, in general, all those people who establish links between any website and the Platform, must respect the corporate image and the distinctive signs included in it, the use of which must always be previously authorized by SOCIALAB.


to. Protection SOCIALAB, the source code, its contents and its distinctive signs are protected by Chilean intellectual and industrial property laws and by the applicable laws of the country where it is used. Intellectual and industrial property rights over SOCIALAB, the Platform, contents and designs included therein; as well as the trademarks, trade names and industrial designs contained therein, are the exclusive property of SOCIALAB, the use and exploitation thereof being reserved and protected by law. b. Prohibitions The reproduction, distribution, public communication, transformation and/or making available to the public of all or part of SOCIALAB, the website and/or the contents, designs, trademarks, trade names and industrial designs contained therein is prohibited. without the prior express authorization of its legitimate owner. The unauthorized use and/or infringement of existing intellectual and industrial property rights over SOCIALAB, the source code, the website and/or its contents and designs, trademarks, trade names and industrial designs, will give rise to the corresponding sanctions. legal. c. Intellectual Property of Users SOCIALAB does not own the content published by Users. Users expressly declare that they are the original authors of the ideas and the media through which they are expressed. Therefore, the responsibility of registering, registering or managing the intellectual or industrial property rights of eventual works, software, designs, trademarks, invention patents or of any type that are recognized by law, falls exclusively in the Users. However, when the User makes any type of publication on the Platform, SOCIALAB is allowed to use its content as required for the operation of the Platform or for the benefit of the projects as such. In other words, SOCIALAB may promote the content through all the channels it finds pertinent, disclose it or reveal it as part of the portfolio that is presented to investors, among others. This authorization granted to SOCIALAB is free of charge, therefore there is no room for any financial compensation. d. Report In the event that the User detects any type of activity likely to violate intellectual or industrial property rights, he must notify it in a timely manner to the following email: support@socialab.com. The inappropriate use of said email box will empower SOCIALAB to terminate the subscription of the corresponding User, without prejudice to any other legal action that may correspond.


SOCIALAB recognizes the importance of data processing of its Users and their privacy, therefore it has Privacy Policies that are understood to be accepted together with the Terms and Conditions when Users access and use the Platform. These Privacy Policies can be found here. SOCIALAB is authorized to carry out statistical studies with all or part of the data provided by its users, comments, ideas and other information shared on the platform, respecting the legal and constitutional limits established in Chilean legislation. SOCIALAB uses cookies to better understand the interests and needs of its users, in order to improve our services, facilitate navigation, maintain security, verify the identity of the User, facilitate access to personal preferences and provide you with the type of content of your interest.

Likewise, SOCIALAB may include cookies from third-party service and/or content providers. Users may accept or reject the use of cookies and consequently SOCIALAB will not be in any case responsible for any treatment activities carried out by third parties in relation to the Personal Data collected through the cookies introduced by them in SOCIALAB.


The use of the Platform is governed by the laws of the Republic of Chile. For all purposes of the use of the Platform and the contracting of advisory services through it, The User and SOCIALAB establish their domicile in the city of Santiago de Chile and are understood to be subscribed in the same city for all legal purposes.


The User acknowledges that SOCIALAB may immediately cancel their ability to access and use the Platform when any of the following situations occur: (i) breaches or violation of these Terms and Conditions; (ii) requirements of legal or governmental authorities; (iii) at the request of the User; (iv) unexpected technical or security problems; (v) extended periods of inactivity. The User accepts that the previously indicated causes of termination are not exhaustive, therefore all the causes of termination with cause may be invoked by SOCIALAB at its discretion and will not be responsible to the User, nor to third parties for the damages caused. by virtue of the closure of the User's account registered in the Platform.


If any section or part of these Terms and Conditions is found to be unenforceable or invalid, in whole or in part, under any law, or is so ruled by a court decision, such part shall be construed in accordance with applicable law and its Lack of enforceability or invalidity shall not render these Terms and Conditions generally and any remaining provisions or portions thereof unenforceable or invalid or ineffective in their entirety and, in such event, such provisions shall be changed and construed in such a manner as to achieve to the best of our ability the purposes of such unenforceable or invalid provisions, within the limits of applicable law or applicable court decisions.

Last modification: 20-07-2024